If you see it from the fish point of view, Kiwization 2017 is a good trip. Ok… not good, maybe decent. ‘Coz most part of it was smeared by lack of respect, attention, trust & organization. Just wanna get the record straight, for the masses; that it is a good trip in its own accord but that’s about it. As for the rest of it, you can just throw it out the window.

And this what happened when you think of money (profit) too much – that you take the other equally essential aspects for granted. And I have only myself to blame. 2017 is definitely a very educative year for me; for human relationships & communication skills. No better timing than now. Back to basics.

People say; fish does not define how successful one trip is, no matter how big nor many. People say; money does not gauge how successful one business is, no matter how soon nor near. People say, some of us will learn this the hard way, no matter how conscious nor ignorant.

People are right!




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